She Was a Hit at Sears

In an effort to put more healthy foods in my diet, I've decided to eat more raw veggies. But I don't want to have just a salad every day, so I bought a blender from Sears online so that I can try some other recipes I've read about. Not wanting to pay extra to have it shipped to my house, I had it sent to my local store.

My daughter went with me when I went to pick it up. As we walked through the store to the pick-up station, she waved and said, "Hi," to everyone we passed.

When we got to the place we needed to be, I scanned my code while she got to work charming the other people who were waiting.

"Hi," she said then danced to the music coming over the intercom.

"Oh, do you like that song?" one woman asked.

My daughter just smiled, then came to stand by me, suddenly feeling a little bashful.

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