Best Friends

A few weeks ago as my husband and I were dropping our daughter off at day care, one of the staff members told us that our little girl has a best friend named Bria. The two of them like to play hide and seek around the cribs in the nursery room.

"They're just two little peas in a pod," the staff member said.

Since then, I've noticed my daughter lights up when she sees Bria. When I dropped her off Tuesday, Bria was sitting in a high chair munching on a snack. She smiled at my daughter as soon as she saw her, and my daughter walked over to her and just pointed and smiled.

"Is that your friend?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said, and just continued to smile.

Pretty soon, my daughter will be moving out of the nursery and into the toddler room at the day care. The owner said that to get my daughter used to the change, the staff is now putting her in the toddler room for 30 minutes a day. Apparently, her first day there didn't go well.

"It was just heartbreaking how she cried," the staff member who was telling me about it said.

My husband and I talked about it later, and we both agreed that it sure would be nice if they'd move her friend at the same time, or at least wait to move our daughter until her friend is old enough to move, too. Hopefully, she won't be there without Bria for long.

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