Baby Gifts

Yesterday, I was digging through my stash of beads to see what I had to use for a clasp for a bracelet I'm working on, and I came across dozens of sheets of paper that look just like the one above. They were created by my niece, who is the youngest of six children and the only girl. She was 3 when my daughter was born, and she was very, very happy to have another girl to play with. So she made her gifts, aka, scraps of paper with pink scribbles. Every time I went to their house, I left with a pocketful of scribbles.

I don't know whether they're notes or cards to my daughter or if they're pictures she's drawn, but I thought it was so sweet that she wanted to give her something, so I held on to them.

She still gets happy when my daughter comes to visit, though she doesn't make her gifts anymore. Instead, she gives away toys she no longer wants. The gesture is still very nice and the gifts are far more practical, but oddly enough, part of me misses the pockets of scribbles.

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