For weeks now as my husband and I have been battling colds, my daughter has had ample opportunity to use her new word, "cough."

If I or my husband coughs, she says, "Cough? Cough? Cough?" [Except she just says it like, "Caw?"]

She'll repeat the word until I or her dad says, "Yes, sweetie, I coughed."

A little over a week ago, I sneezed.

"Cough?" she said.

"No, sweetie, that was a sneeze," I said.

Still, though, the next time I sneezed, she again asked if I coughed. For several days, that was how she responded to every one of my sneezes.

On Tuesday, I was sitting at my home computer working on a freelance project when I sneezed. Before I knew it, she was standing next to me asking, "Sneeze? Sneeze?" [She pronounced it just "Nee?"]

I gave her a great big hug. "Yes, yes, that was a sneeze!" I said.

Before I was a parent, I never realized how such a seemingly small step your child makes can make you feel so happy and proud.

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