The View from the Car Seat

Because of scheduling conflicts, on the days my husband and I both work, I pick up our daughter at day care when I get off work, then we both go to pick up my husband.

As soon as we arrive at his work, I send my husband a text to let him know we're waiting. After about five minutes or so, he'll appear at the doors. This has been our routine ever since my maternity leave ended, and now that our little girl is in a front-facing car seat, it's become a game.

As we get close to the building where my husband works, I'll ask her, "Are you going to help me watch for Daddy?"

"Yeah!" she says, full of enthusiasm.

I'll back into a space so that we face the doors. Once she catches site of him through the glass doors, which quite often is before I see him myself, she'll giggle with glee and start kicking her feet.

She's so proud of herself when she sees him first.

Likewise, one day each week, I work while my husband is off. Sometimes, he and our daughter meet me for lunch. As I walk through the doors out to the car, once she sees me, I can hear her happy little giggle through the closed windows even over the noise of the engine.

That makes me giggle, too.

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