Fear the Purple Dinosaur

Yesterday, I was going through some of the kids shows that we have access to through Netflix. As we passed one that featured a popular purple dinosaur, my daughter said, "Bahney."

"Oh no," I said. To be honest, I had never seen an episode of "Barney and Friends," but I've seen it parodied enough to know I'd likely find it annoying. My husband has seen snippets of the show. He, too, is not a fan.

We've never watched it at home. I figure she's probably seen it at daycare.

Because after several viewings, even "Blue's Clues," one of the few children's shows I've seen and liked, can still get annoying, I decided to give Barney a chance. If it isn't as annoying as I expected, that's a show we can pop in whenever "Blue's Clues" wears out its welcome.

What I selected was an hourlong "Best of" show. My daughter liked it; I couldn't wait for it to end. After what seemed like at least 45 minutes -- surely it was about over -- I pushed the pause button to see how many minutes were left. There were still 38 minutes left at that point, so I hadn't even reached the halfway point yet. At that point, I shut it off.

The search for another kids show continues.

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