All Indications Pointed To A Long, Long Night

Yesterday, when I went to pick my daughter up from daycare, she was much more talkative than usual. As my husband and I drove home, we talked about our day and she chatted loudly from the backseat to get our attention.

Once we got home, she was full of squeals and giggles and dances and clapping and just so much energy, I thought she'd be up all night, and hence, so would we.

So when her usual bedtime rolled around, I expected a fight.

"It's time for little girls to go night-night," I told her and handed her a pacifier. She nodded happily, to my surprise, then crawled right up into her daddy's lap and nodded off within five minutes.

Unlike most nights, he didn't even have to tell her to close her eyes. Not once did she reach up and start playing with his beard, one of her many tricks for making sure she doesn't fall asleep when she doesn't want to.

If only every night could be that easy.

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