We're Back

I spent most of last week getting ready for an arts and crafts festival, which turned out to be a waste of my time, because hardly anyone attended. We had fun anyway, but I won't be going back to that one.

After the first day of the festival, we went to the local mall. The Old Navy store at that mall doesn't have an entrance from the inside of the mall, so we had to walk out of the mall and down the sidewalk to get to the store's entrance.

Apparently, my daughter enjoyed being outside, because as soon as I steered her through the Old Navy doors, she collapse on the ground and threw a fit. That was a new one for me. Luckily, her tantrum didn't last long. I just picked her up, and by the time we found a cart, she had settled down. I hope this phase doesn't last long. For now, she's small enough I can still pick her up when she fights me. I don't know that it would be as easy to handle when she's 2.

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