My Little Picky Eater

My daughter has become a rather picky eater lately. Her pediatrician says it's perfectly normal, but it's tough to watch her not eating half the time.

She likes mandarins, so I bought some in prepackaged containers. I drained the syrup out, then rinsed them, and she gobbled them down. Once they ran out, I bought a bag of clementine oranges instead. They're both little oranges, so I didn't think it would be all that different, and the clementines are more economical. For her, it just wasn't the same. She touched one with her tongue and then refused to bite into them.

She's also refused macaroni and cheese, a food she loved just a couple of weeks ago. It's the same with green beans, carrots, peas, stew, noodles, yogurt and bread. The only things she's eaten with any consistency are cheese, hot dogs and cookies, which don't make for very nutritious meals.

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