"Let's Hum," Part II

About a month ago, I shared a story about my little girl's favorite commercial. (Post can be found here.) It's the Toyota Prius commercial, where a song sings, "Let's hum, hum, hum, hum, let's hum, a Prius for everyone."

I don't think it airs as often as it used to, so I figured that it had faded from my daughter's memory, but it hasn't.

One day earlier this week, I was at work while my husband and daughter were home. When I got home, he shared this story with me: It was getting late, and our little girl was getting tired. She climbed up into his lap and got comfortable in his arms. He turned on HuluPlus to watch one of his favorite shows, "Green Arrow," as he held her and she drifted off.

During one of the commercial breaks, the Prius commercial came on. As she lay in his arms near sleep with her eyes closed, she started nodding along, just as she does when the commercial plays when she's awake.

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