Dropping Off

A couple of months ago, my daughter hated being dropped off at daycare. She’d tightly grasp my husband or me by the neck, depending on which one was holding her at the time, or she’d scream angrily and give the stink eye to the daycare worker struggling to take her.

Fast forward to yesterday, when my husband and I were dropping her off. As we pulled into the parking lot and our daughter caught sight of the building, she giggled with glee, much the same way she does when I say, “Do you want a cookie?”

We took her into the nursery, and completely without protest, she went to the staff member standing ready to take her. “Do you want a snack?” she asked my daughter, who did her little happy giggle and nodded. The daycare worker took a carton of gummie Life Savers off of the shelf, and in that moment, my daughter forgot all about her daddy and me.

“Bye, Sweetie,” I said as my husband and I started out the door. My daughter’s eyes were transfixed on the snack, which seemed to impact her ability to hear. She never looked toward me at all.

“Bye,” I repeated a little louder. Still no reaction.

Is it wrong for me to miss the days when she missed me?

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