Was It a Dream?

Not too long after I went to bed last night as I was drifting off, I could swear I heard someone pulling on the bathroom door in our bedroom. It sticks a little, so it's not easy getting in there without making at least some noise. I figured it was probably my husband, since he hadn't come to bed yet.

Right afterward, I heard my daughter say, "Uh oh," clear as a bell. And then nothing.

Then I was wide awake. I looked around the room. My husband wasn't in the room at all. So, I looked over at my daughter's crib to see if she was awake, wanting to be picked up. She was lying down, not even stirring a little bit.

I suspect that possibly what I thought was my husband tugging on the bathroom door was the sound my daughter makes when she's rolling in her crib. Perhaps she said "Uh oh" because she dropped her binky in the process. Perhaps she was just talking in her sleep. Or perhaps I dreamed it all.

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