She's Got Some New Moves

My daughter has been dancing for as long as she's been able to stand, but before, she mostly nodded her head or bounced up and down.

These days, I've seen her kick up her leg, spin and sway from side to side.

On Saturday, she kept insisting that I turn on a song from one of her toys. As it played, she turned around and around. By the third or fourth time I played the song for her, she was getting dizzy. As she spun, her circles got wider and wider, and a few times, she fell against the love seat.

This morning, my husband had an dental appointment, and afterward, I met him at a hair cutting shop so that he could watch our daughter while I had my hair done. Afterward, he followed us in his truck as we all drove home. At one point, I glanced in my rear-view mirror, and I could see Nicole swaying to the music of a Macy's commercial, so I did the same.

Later my husband, who could see both of us dancing, called me on my cell and said, "My girls are so silly."

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