Load 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out

When we bought this toy for our daughter’s first birthday, it was full of different colored blocks with letters of the alphabet and numbers on them. She played with the blocks a lot the day she got them. But now, they are far from her memory, forgotten in the bottom of her toy box.

But the cart they rode in on, well, that’s another story.

Nearly every day, she pulls the cart by its string to the center of the living room. Sometimes it’s right-side up and rolls just fine. Other times, she has it upside down, so it’s just dragging across the carpet. Then she loads the cart up. It’s toted wash cloths, T-shirts, shoes, glow sticks, Weebles, Alvin and Simon (but no Theodore; he’s nowhere to be found), and pacifiers, and those are just the items I know about. Once she gets everything she wants on it, she wheels it (or drags it) off into either the entryway or the hallway.

Keeping her haul on board when it’s upside down can be tough. The cart may flip if it snags on something. If it does, she’ll stop and reload, and then she’s back on her way.

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