For Halloween, I bought my daughter a glow stick that had a star on top. The star kept falling off of the stick, and she wasn't able to get it back on. So every half a minute or so, she'd come up to me and obviously want me to put the star back on.

That got old quickly.

A day or so later, I gave her an old makeup bag I have that zips closed. She could neither open nor close it without my help, but she loved stashing her binkies and Weebles within it, so again, every half a minute or so, she would come up to me and want me to either zip or unzip the bag.

That, too, got old fast.

On Saturday, I went to visit my brother, his wife and their little girl who's just a few months older than my daughter. My niece has a play kitchen, and one of the toys that came with it is a plastic pitcher with a lid. My daughter loved to take the lid off but could not get it back on. Yet again, I was her go-to person to put the lid back on.

As I'm typing this, my daughter is standing next to me, taking the lid off a little plastic box she has. My job, as you probably have guessed, is to put the lid back on.

Too bad it's not a paying job.

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