While I Was Working ...

I love to hear stories about the things my daughter does while she's at day care. Recently when I went to pick her up, the day care owner told me she had been feeding my little girl barbecue chicken. The owner thought Nicole must really like it, because before she knew it, the high chair tray was food free. So she gave her more. The next time she looked, again, there was no chicken in sight. So again, she gave her more. This went on a few more times.

Then, the owner realized my little girl's secret. Rather than scarfing down the barbecue chicken, she had just been shoving it off the side of the tray. On the floor next to the high chair, the owner said, was a pile of barbecue chicken.

Side Note: My husband and I have witnessed our daughter do this at home, too. She seems to be very, very bothered by food she doesn't want being on her tray. For now, she doesn't feed herself with forks and spoons, so thankfully, the cleaning up we've had to do has been limited to fries, crumbs from cereal bars and other finger foods. Hopefully, we can break her of this habit before she's able to feed herself beans, stew, applesauce, etc.

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