When My Girl Gets Hungry

If my daughter gives me clues when she's hungry, I don't pick up on them. I'll just notice that she starts getting fussy, I'll notice the time, put two and two together, then say, "Are you hungry?" By the squeal of delight that follows -- and the fact that she runs to the kitchen -- I'll know I guessed right.

So on Saturday, I told her, "You know, you can tell Mama when you're hungry. Just say, 'Mama, I'm hungry.'"

I know the phrase is too complicated for her right now, but to my surprise, she understood what I told her. I know because later on that evening, she and I were walking into the living room, and she got mad and fussed when I sat down on the sofa. So I stood up and said, "What's wrong, Sweetie?"

She walked into the kitchen so I followed and watched as she positioned herself in front of the fridge. She might not be able to tell me she's hungry, but she still knows how to get her point across.

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