My husband and I have started giving our daughter minute-long timeouts when she doesn't listen or acts up. More often than not, she gets one when I'm cooking because she won't stay out of the kitchen.

Her time out spot is her playard, a spot chosen because we noticed she no longer likes to be in it and because it's one of the few places in our house in which we can guarantee she won't leave before her minute is up. For the first couple of weeks of getting timeouts, she cried the whole time. Over the last week, though, she doesn't seem to mind all that much. She cries for all of three seconds when I first put her in the playard, but then she settles down and just rides it out.

Thankfully, though, the timeout still works -- for now, anyway. When I set her free, I'll say, "Now, don't go in the kitchen while Mama's cooking or you'll get another timeout," and she'll stay within view in the living room.

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