Restless Nights

My husband and I both had a rather rough night, which is why today's post is later than usual.

Our little girl has a stuffy nose, making breathing with her mouth closed difficult. So, a couple of times last night, she'd open her mouth to breathe and lose her binky, then get upset because she didn't have it. From that point on, she was only semi-awake, but awake enough to be frustrated at her stuffy nose.

So I took her out of her crib, and she immediately drifted off in the crook of my arm. She slept soundly, not once shifting, not once losing her binky, she just closed her eyes and let her binky kind of hang sideways out of her mouth like an old man with a cigar. Then I shifted her off of my arm so I could get comfortable. Big mistake, because she was back to waking and whining every few minutes. Eventually, my husband got up with her, took her to the living room, gave her some milk and got her back to sleep and back in the crib (although, he had to try twice. The first time, she woke up as soon as she hit the mattress).

He got back in bed and drifted off, but before long, she was crying out in frustration again. After about 20 or 30 minutes, I put her back in bed with us. Again, she just drifted off soundly in my arm, though her nose and throat were still rumbling because of the congestion.

My husband can sleep while holding her. Not me. I tried to drift off several times but couldn't. I envy my husband at times like this. I watched her sleep for what seemed like forever, then got my husband to hold her. This time, she didn't wake up when I shifted her.

Finally, we all got a little shut-eye.

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