One Trick, One Treat

In a perfect world, my husband and I could both spend every holiday, big or small, with our daughter. I missed her first Halloween last year because I had to work. This year, my husband will. That's the "trick"of this year's festivities.

Last year, I made peace with it. She was still small enough that I had no plans to dress her in costume (although I did buy her a Halloween shirt) and take her trick-or-treating. But still, it would've been nice to be there with her.

This year, I'll have the day off. That's the "treat."

I bought her a bumblebee costume. I know how it will go: She won't leave the antennae on her head or the wings on her back for long, but hopefully it will be long enough to get a good photo.

Then, I'm going to take her to just a few places to trick-or-treat, like Walmart and a few other stores that hand out candy on Halloween, then I'll take her up to my parents' house. It will be fun, and she and I will have a good time. It would just be nicer if my husband could share it with us, too. Maybe next year.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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