Nothing Beats "Blue"

My little girl has been a fan of "Blue's Clues" since she was about 7 months old. I never knew how much of a fan, though, until yesterday.

I had spent the morning grocery shopping, while my little girl stayed at home with Daddy and slept until about 11:30 a.m. When I got home, she wanted me to hold her. I tried putting groceries away with her in my arms, but it was too hard. By the time I finished, it was after noon, so rather than cook, I decided I'd run down the street to Subway to get us three some sandwiches.

As I headed toward the door, my daughter started fussing and ran ahead of me to stand in front of the door. "Awww, she missed me while I was gone and doesn't want me to leave again," I thought to myself.

"Stay here with Daddy. I'll be back soon," I said. She just cried a little more and started reaching for me.

"Maybe Daddy will let you watch 'Blues Clues,'" I said, "Or I can just turn it on for you. Do you want to watch 'Blue'?" She eagerly nodded yes, so I turned on the TV, brought up Netflix then found the show for her.

As soon as the music started, she looked at me, waved and said, "Bye."

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