Neither a Morning nor a Night Person

My daughter isn't happy when it's time for bed or when it's time for her to wake up. At night, she cries and tries to climb out of her crib, making me reluctant to leave the room just in case she succeeds. As I walk out after putting her in her crib, I keep looking back to make sure she hasn't pulled herself up onto the rail, and the fact that I look at her but don't pick her up seems to make her cry harder.

She's no better in the mornings. There seems to be just no pleasing her until she's fully awake. She'll cry when I take her out of bed, but she'll cry if I don't and start to leave the room. So I pick her up, and after about a minute, she calms down. I take her out into the living room, get her breakfast and let her sit on my lap. After about a minute, or maybe even less, she'll stiffen her back and try to slide out of my lap. So I set her down, then she gets mad because I'm no longer holding her. So I pick her back up, but she'll instantly stiffen her back again, making it impossible for her to sit.

This goes on for about 10 minutes, then finally, she'll start playing with her toys.

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