I'm a Weather Watcher

Before I became a parent, the times when I kept a watchful eye on outdoor temperatures and the chance for rain were few and far between. Oh, I would log on to the National Weather Service website several times a day when snow or icy conditions were possible because I hate driving on the stuff, but beyond that, I didn't much pay attention.

Nowadays, I am diligent about checking the forecast. I want to know not just what the conditions are now, but what will they be when I go to pick my daughter up from day care. Are pants a better choice? Or will she be too warm in them? What's the best sleeve length? Long, 3/4, short or no sleeves at all? How much will she be outside if it's raining, and what can I do to keep her from getting wet? (She outgrew her raincoat during the drought. She didn't wear it once. *Sigh*)

An outdoor festival is coming up that I have plans to attend. I've been checking the forecast for that day for almost a week now, and over that time, the high for that day has fallen from a comfy, overcast, shorts-wearing 82 degrees all the way down to a better-to-leave-your-baby-at-home rainy 49 degrees. I'm sure I'll check it several more times in the days to come. Hopefully, that predicted high switches into reverse.

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