Calling Daddy

Like every other toddler I've known, my daughter loves cellphones. On Monday, my husband called me as he left the dentist, and after we finishing talking and hung up, I made the mistake of setting the phone on an end table rather than back in my purse.

Before I knew it, she had it and had called her daddy back. I was surprised she could because I have a slide phone and she had not slid it open. As I tried to wrestle it back from her, the counter was rolling, so I yelled, "Hey, Honey if you can hear me, the baby has the phone."

Not too long after that, he called. Apparently, he had been on the phone with his mom when our daughter had called him, so his voice mail had picked up. He didn't hear me at all in the message we wound up leaving him, but he could hear her giggling and babbling.

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