Bath Time

My daughter went through a spell when she didn't like taking a bath. She'd cry as soon as I set her in the tub, shudder and fuss when I washed her hair and constantly stand up and reach for me. I bought her a little duck, thinking having something to play with would help, but it didn't. She'd just hand it back to me and keep trying to get out.

Over the last week that all changed. Now, she sits down just fine. She likes to smack her hands against the water to make splashes, and she asks for the duck so that she can hold it under the water, let it go and watch it pop up to the surface. She still might shudder a little when I wash her hair, but no where near as much as before. Not once does she try to stand up so that I can get her out. As a matter of fact, whenever I ask, "Are you ready to get out?" she just shakes her head no.

To get her to get out, I've had to unplug the water and just let it drain. I don't know what has changed or why, but I'm thankful for it. It's made bath time a lot more fun for both of us.

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