The Challenges of Drinking Through a Straw

When my daughter was 4 months old, I bought a baby cup that was supposed to help her learn to drink from a straw. She never did anything but gnaw on the straw, and after about the third or fourth time of getting no result, I put the straw cup away and gave her regular sippy cups only.

On Monday, my husband, daughter and I were at a fast food restaurant, and as happens about half the time, I forgot to bring my little girl a sippy cup. Usually, I'll just put some of her drink in a straw and drop it into her mouth when I forget the sippy, but this time, I decided to give the straw another shot.

At first, she just gnawed on the straw, but at one point, I saw her draw water slowly up the straw and into her mouth.

"Yay, Nicole! You did it!" I said. Apparently, though, that was a fluke, because she went right back to gnawing on the straw.

After a few more minutes, she was getting it. She'd sip some water about halfway up the straw, then tilt the cup the rest of the way to get it into her mouth, which got the water not only into her mouth but also down the front of her dress.

I was proud of her for getting so close, and she was happy I was excited for her and wanted to keep trying. By the time we left, the front of her dress was soaked.

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