Smartphone Fun

Neither my husband nor I have smartphones. For years, I've said, "All I need my phone to do is make calls." I still acknowledge that that's all I need my phone for, but lately, I've been thinking more and more that a smartphone would be nice. If I had one, I wouldn't have to be sitting at my computer to update this here blog, for one thing.

On Saturday, I saw another reason to get one. My husband's dad and stepmom came for a visit, and his stepmom let Nicole play with her smartphone. It was a toddler game in which every time she touched the screen, the phone would show a star or circle or some other shape and make a tinkling sound. My little girl loved it. She'd draw her finger across the screen and just giggle. It held her interest for about half an hour.

It's amazing how babies seem to have an innate ability to work technology.

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