Room Progress

We have a rather small three-bedroom home, and for the eight years my husband and I were married prior to our daughter's arrival, we've each had a home office. In mine, I kept my desk, computer and craft supplies. In his, he kept his collection of comic books and action figures, which more than fill his home office.

He's been working on paring his stuff down some for a few years now, which is good, because now we need a room for our little girl. Our plan is to move her into his old office -- it's warmer in the winter and slightly larger than the other -- move my desk into the living room and move his collectibles, etc., into my old office.

My desk has been in the living room for some time now, but getting the rest of my stuff out of my old office has been kind of tough, mostly because the room has become temporary storage for quite a few things.

Over the past week, though, we made a ton of progress. All of my stuff is now out of the old room, the walls have been sanded and painted, and my husband's starting to move in.

Little by little, my girl is getting a bedroom.

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