Read to Me

My daughter seems to have a love of book. Yep, that was singular. Just book.

Until recently, reading to her was tough because she'd spend a lot of time trying to grab any book out of my hands. But now, she sits and listens. And when the book is through, she wants to hear it again.

She has quite a few books in her toy box, but for some reason, the one she wants me to read to her most often is an odd tale based on the movie "Meet the Robinsons." I've never seen the movie, and maybe if I had, the book would make sense.

In the story, a grandfather has lost his teeth and Lewis (I think he's the grandson) helps him look for them in places like inside cannons, in the dishwasher, inside someone's hat and with the octopus. Eventually, they find the teeth. It turns out, Frankie the frog had them all along. Yep, Frankie is a frog, and Grandpa is very relieved to have them back. (Personally, I'd let the frog keep them if that were me.)

Anyway, this seems to be my daughter's favorite book right now. It's a quick read, but I'm ready for her to move on to something else.

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