Our Little Bed Bug

My daughter hardly ever throws a fit when it's time to go night-night -- as long as she can sleep with my husband and me. When she starts acting up and yawning, I'll say, "Nicole, are you ready to go night-night?" She'll hop down from my lap and take off running for the bedroom, and then try to climb up into our bed, not hers. She's not so cooperative if we put her in the crib.

One night last week, I let her fall asleep with me. Then, when my husband came to bed, he put her in the crib. Several times during the night, she awoke and cried out, and each time, I got up to check on her.

The last time, she was very awake. She was standing up, holding the rail and shaking it back and forth. So I got up and put in her bed with us, and she quieted down immediately.

After about 15 seconds, I glanced over at her. Her eyes were closed, she had one arm tucked up under her head, her binky was in her mouth, and she had a smile of sweet victory on her face.

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