I Don't Like Spiders

About a month ago, my daughter was in the kitchen with me while I was washing dishes. She was within my view as she played, and when she'd start to stray too far away, I'd stop and bring her back.

At one point, I noticed she started to pick up something black that was about the size of one of her shoes. She hesitated, then seemed to decide against it. I got a little closer to see why she hesitated, then immediately grabbed her and took her to the opposite side of the room when I realized it was a spider. 

My husband came out and killed it for me. (Thanks, Hon!)

But I worry about my reaction and how it appears to my daughter. I've struggled with a fear of spiders for as long as I can remember, and while I don't want my daughter picking them up or anything, I'd rather she be able to squash them as her dad does than run from them like I do.

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