Hey, Mom, You're In My Way

I’m the dishwasher at our house. We have the mechanical kind, but it’s old and creaky, and I don’t trust it not to flood my kitchen floor with suds and food grime.

So several times a week, I stand in front of our kitchen sink, scrubbing away at pots, pans, cups, plates and various eating utensils as my daughter amuses herself.

Sometimes, she’s within view in the living room, but from time to time, she’ll come into the kitchen and want to walk past me. For a reason I cannot understand, she has to walk in front of me. If I am standing right up against the kitchen cabinet, she’ll push on my legs to get me to back up. The first few times she did this, I thought she wanted to be held. Now, I see she just wants through.

While my kitchen is not the roomiest, my husband and I could walk side by side from one end to the other. It would be a cramped walk, but it’s doable. Therefore, it baffles me that my daughter won’t go from one side to the other without making me move.

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