Baby Houdini: A Tale from an Old New Dad

Another guest post from my hubby.

My wife was still resting after a particularly rough night with our sleepless little girl, but the baby and I were up and around. I walked to the kitchen to get our little girl her breakfast. As she followed me, I noticed she was carrying a diaper. The diaper did not look fresh and when I took it from her, it was visibly wet. My wife typically doesn't forget to put used diapers into the diaper pail when changing our little girl, but I hadn't changed her yet that day, so I was puzzled about where else the baby could have gotten the wet diaper from.

Though my wife was still resting, I knew she wasn't asleep, so I went back into the bedroom to ask her about it. Both of us had the same thought at the same time, and I turned to our daughter, who'd followed me back into the bedroom and sure enough, she was naked beneath her long T-shirt. Either the diaper fell off, or our little girl is learning to change herself.

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