The Summer Hiatus Ended The Dance

My husband and I like CBS' "The Big Bang Theory." It's one of our favorite shows, and for quite some time, its theme song was our daughter's favorite tune. We're usually working when the show airs, so my husband records it, then when we have time, we sit down to watch. Once the theme song started, our little girl would stop whatever she was doing, turn to the TV and head-bop along with the song, grinning the whole time. We loved it. My husband would often rewind back to the beginning of the song so that we could see her dance again.

During the show's summer hiatus, though, it seems she's forgotten. This past weekend, my husband put in a DVD of episodes to watch, and her reaction just wasn't the same. She stopped to look at the TV, but the head bops and ear-to-ear grin were gone. How quickly little ones forget.

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