So Far, I've Made It a Year Without Those Dreaded Words

I fear the day when my husband and I are out with our little girl and someone says, "Oh, sweetie, are you having fun today with your grandma and grandpa?" I know it will happen, I just don't know when. But every time I wheel her around Target or when I go solo to Dollar General to pick up toddler snacks, diapers and other baby items, I brace myself in case the clerk says something like, "You are so nice, stocking up for your grandbaby!"

It hasn't happened yet, but I know that just because no one has said it doesn't mean they're not thinking it.

How will I react when the day comes? I don't know really. I know I look my age, and many women my age are grandmothers. In fact, one of my high school classmates recently posted on Facebook that she was picking up her grandchild from kindergarten -- that means she has a grandchild who is 5 years old, and she likely became a grandma at age 37. 37!

Truthfully, I don't think I would care if I were a grandma and not just "grandma aged." Had I become a mom in my early 20s and now had a grandchild or two, I could see myself wearing my grandmother-hood with pride, just like my mom and my grandma do.

"This is just one of my many grandchildren," my grandma will say when she introduces me to a friend. In fact, she gets annoyed when a restaurant cashier doesn't give her the senior discount.

"Make sure she knows I'm a senior!" My grandma will say.

And I do, all the while hoping the cashier doesn't think I'm one, too.

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