Now, She Does the Opposite

She used to say, "Hi," and now, she says, "Bye." She even waves differently. She used to wave her hand back and forth in front of her and say, "Hiiiiiiiiiiiii," really dragging out the vowel sound.

Now, when she says, "bye," she puts her hand above her head and flops it up and down. When it's time for her to go to day care, I'll ask, "Are you ready to go bye-bye?" She responds by doing her "bye" wave and says, "Bye."

She also used to nod whenever she was asked a question. Just over the past few days, she's started shaking her head no, even when she means yes. For instance, I can ask her if she's hungry. She'll nod her head no, even as she's throwing a fit because she can see her snack in my hand and I haven't given it to her yet.

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