Mastering Walking

While my daughter's been walking for a few weeks now, she's been very tentative about it. She'd still hang onto something nearby whenever possible, and when she wasn't hanging on, she was very unsteady. One of her biggest problems was that she would get so excited to be walking, she'd often start reaching for her destination after just a couple of steps, which would make the top half of her body out in front of her legs. She could only get in a few more steps before she'd fall (or be caught by her daddy or me).

However, on Thursday last week, my daughter was standing in the hallway in our house with a hand on the wall to support herself. She giggled a "hey, I'm gonna do this" kind of laugh, let go of the wall, and just like that, she decided she was brave enough to walk long distances. Over the past few days, she's walked farther and farther. Last night, she barely teetered and seems to have left crawling behind entirely.

I am in awe of how quickly she learns.

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