And the Binkies Go Missing Again ...

Back in March, I wrote about how my daughter's binkies seemed to mysteriously disappear. Since then, her binky supply has grown -- I bought another package of them, and a couple times, she came home from the day care with an extra. At the height of her day-care binky theft stage, she had five at home, but we took the extras back.

But then, they started disappearing again. Just a few weeks ago, my daughter had three. Then, she had two. Now, she is down to one. Because she likes to sleep with a binky, my husband and I are very protective of that one. We don't take it with us when we go places with her, even on a short walk to the end of our driveway to check the mail.

A couple of weeks ago, right before her binky tally fell to two, I was standing in the kitchen when she walked in, walked straight to the kitchen trash can, took the binky out of her mouth and dropped it in. I took it out and sterilized it, but a couple of days later, she did the same thing again. Again, I took it out and sterilized it. Therefore, my husband and I suspect that she threw away the other two binkies she had when we weren't looking.
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