The Ramekin Raider

Two of my lower kitchen cabinets are missing their doors. We have them, but we took them off when we painted the kitchen. We left them off afterward, though, because I wasn't happy with the color and have yet to repaint.

In one of the cabinets, we keep our extra rolls of paper towels. My daughter couldn't care less to mess with them. The other cabinet is home to our pizza pans, muffin tins, pie plates, slow cooker and ramekins. My daughter loves the ramekins.

She followed me into the kitchen Tuesday while I was making lunch and made a bee-line for the ramekins. I took them away from her then took her to the living room. Before I knew it, she was back underfoot and headed for the ramekins again. By then, I was ready to just set the timer, so left the kitchen thinking she'd follow. She did ... right after she grabbed a ramekin.

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