I Think I Can Officially Call Her a Toddler

For several months now, some of my friends have been sharing with me how exceptional at least one of their children were because they started walking so early. One friend said her son was 8 months, which I don't think is really all that unheard of, but another said her son was just 6 months.

I never felt like my daughter was behind, though. I'd say she's been doing about average. For more than a month now, I'll see her pull herself up against something, then appear to be calculating whether she could make her next destination on foot or was she better off just crawling. She'd typically opt for the crawl.

Just this weekend, though, she's been choosing to walk it. She can make only five or so steps before she lands on her fanny and crawls the rest of the way, but I think those four or five steps make her a walker now.

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