Family Day

Yesterday, we spent part of the day on a family outing, and as a result, I had little time for blogging.

But it was a nice day. We drove an hour away to have lunch, then visited a comic book shop and headed back home. Yeah, it seems like a long way to go for lunch, but it was still relaxing to get out of town and our regular routine every now and then.

The restaurant we went to brought our daughter a helium balloon with her mac-and-cheese. We thought she might get a kick out of the balloon being tied to her wrist, but we sure were wrong about that. She was not happy that she could not get away from it. So, I took it off, tied it to my purse, then finished our lunch. I thought maybe once we got it home, she might find it more interesting. She couldn't play with it much in the restaurant.

Well, when we got up to leave, the balloon came loose from my purse and went into the ceiling well out of my husband's and my reach. Apparently, I didn't tie it as tightly to my purse as I thought I did.

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