Always Choose Fries Over Potato Cakes

One day last week, I had an errand to run that ran into meal time. Rather than go home and cook, I stopped by Arby's to pick up some sandwiches for my husband and me. Our little girl has been very curious about what we eat, so I wanted to get her some food, too. I had hoped they'd have mac-and-cheese (I swear I've seen it on a fast-food menu somewhere, but I can't remember what food chain it was), but they didn't, so I got her some potato cakes to eat along with her usual food.

Note to self: Potato cakes -- made up of loosely held together bits of potato -- break apart very easily. Those little bits of potato hide in the carpet, in baby hair, on the edge of diapers and mush down really easily into the cloth cover on the high chair. French fries do not.

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