Our little girl has learned to nod, and she does it a lot. We don't think she incorporates it with meaning "yes" yet, but sometimes, the timing really makes us laugh. For instance:

• I'll say, "Hey, Sweetie, do you want your bottle?" And she'll nod.
• My husband will say, "Don't touch that (cup of water, cord to the TV, or any other thing 8-month-olds like to grab that they shouldn't). That's not for little girls." And she'll nod as if to say, "Yes, it is."
• We were watching an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" on Saturday night, a show that gets her attention as soon as the theme song plays. (Once the song is over, she returns to whatever she was doing before.) As soon as the song began on Saturday, she started nodding as if she were dancing.

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