Late-Night Binky

On Tuesday night, my daughter's whimpering woke me. When I got to her crib, I could see she was getting ready to stand. She was on her hands and knees. Because she seemed awake enough to be crawling, I figured this would be one of the times when the only ways I could get her back to sleep would be to sit up and rock her or put her in bed with me.

I could make out her binky right away, so unlike most nights, I didn't have to root around to find it. As she cried and crawled, I put the binky in her mouth. She immediately collapsed back onto her mattress. It made me think of how a robot powering down looks in a sci-fi movie.

I had never seen her go back to sleep so quickly, so as I crawled back into bed, I expected to be awakened again shortly. I wasn't. Apparently, all she needed was the binky.

Man, that's power.

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