Keeping the Pace

My husband is a pacer, especially when he’s on the phone. I figure it’s a subconscious way of trying to burn a few extra calories. Now that our daughter has mastered crawling and wants to always be where the action is, his pacing has become a form of exercise for her as well.

On Tuesday, he received a phone call from his dad. He stood up from the sofa and walked into the hallway. Our little girl abandoned her toys to follow. He walked into one bedroom, she crawled in shortly thereafter. He walked a circle around the room, she sat in the doorway and watched. He walked down the hallway and into another bedroom. She crawled after him. He walked a circle in that room, paced into the hallway, popped into the living room for a second, then motored back down to the first bedroom. She bypassed the living room because he had already moved on by the time she got turned around, she but quickly caught up with him in the bedroom. For at least 20 minutes, she followed him as he made big circles around the east side of our home without once getting bored with the game.

When she starts walking, too, she’ll be able to keep up as if she were his shadow.

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