I Missed Her, But I Accomplished A Lot

I've been unhappy with the condition of my house lately. Even before my daughter was born, I had started clearing out my old home office -- which is the smaller of the three bedrooms in our home -- so that my husband can move his collectibles in there and she can have the middle-size room for her bedroom. The task was a little too big to finish it in one session. The plan was to work on it some every week. Once she was born, though, work on the room ceased and eventually shifted in reverse as it became a convenient place to put something "temporarily" while I figure out what to do with it permanently.

This past Sunday, my husband took our girl to visit with his family, and I got busy tackling the house. Rooms that hadn't been vacuumed in months now look great. That tinfoiled package of mystery food in the fridge was tossed and finally, FINALLY, my old home office has shifted back toward progress.

I could say that she needs so much of my attention that it makes getting the house clean tough when she's home. But the truth is more 50/50. Yeah, my time is more limited because she needs me, but it's also more limited because I like to spend time with her, too.

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