A Tale From an Old New Dad

Today's baby tale is a guest post. My husband, who also entered parenthood in his 40s, wrote today's. Enjoy!

Our baby girl has big feet and is in the 95th percentile for her height for her age. This has prompted several people to predict that she will grow up to be a basketball player. The other day, we got a little more evidence that she might be a hoop star when she gets a little older.

The poor kid wasn't feeling so great and kept us up most of the night with her vomiting. Each of the three times she vomited, she managed to douse me from head to toe; in fact, the third time, I didn't even bother to change my pajamas in case it happened again. You can't blame her, she was sick.

But a few days later, it was obvious she was feeling better and was MUCH more on her game. She spit up on her momma, but our little star managed to get every last drop right into the pocket of the shirt her momma was wearing at the time. SCORE!!

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