The Case of the Missing Binkies

My daughter has a definite preference for the old-style pacifiers. My sister gave us a pair of them at our baby shower, one we kept at home and the other my husband clipped to the car seat for on-the-go use. One day, the house one vanished. It wasn’t in her crib, on her dressing table, hidden under her high-chair pad or any other place we could think of. After a few days of our little girl doing without, we unclipped the car seat pacifier and deemed it the “everywhere” binky.

That meant we had to remember to take it with us whenever we left home, which isn’t easy when you’re gathering up diapers, spare clothes and everything else babies need. So, after a few weeks of forgetting, I went to the store to buy another pacifier just like her favorites. I bought two I thought were the same. They’re close, very close, but their tip is not as bulbous as the ones she likes, and she had no problem letting us know she could tell the difference.

We figured they’d do as backup, so we kept them. We continued to give her the “everywhere” binky, shuffling it from home to car, until three weeks ago when it, too, disappeared. I’ve reached down sofa cushions, looked all through the car, shook out her blankets and lifted up the love seat trying to find it, but it must’ve decided life at our house was too lonely without its twin, so it packed up and moved on.

Thankfully, she uses the backups without any complaints now and seems to have put the good ones behind her. But for some reason, I can’t. Every now and then when I’m doing something like vacuuming or working on my beads, I’ll think, “I wonder if one of them is in the hall closet,” or, “Maybe it’s in the coat I wore that day.” I drop what I’m doing and go look but always come up empty handed.

I figure I’ll find one or both of them eventually, like when I’m cleaning out her room after she leaves for college.

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