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Happy Holidays

The Toy Quest

At the Keyboard, Struggling to Type

My Little Picky Eater

Four Wheels

"Let's Hum," Part II

Dropping Off

Mommy's Little Helper

Baby Shoes

We're Back

Busy Week Ahead

Funny Things

Happy Thanksgiving

Was It a Dream?

"Next Time Won't You Sing With Me"

The Dreaded Car Seat

Back on Monday

Day Care Tales


She's Got Some New Moves

Finally -- Meat She'll Eat

Getting Hugs

The Diapering Battle

First Visit to the Polls

"Let's Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Let's Hum"

Load 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out

One Tired Girl

One Trick, One Treat

Restless Nights

Nothing Beats "Blue"

Stepping Out

The Dangers of Short Naps

Bath Time

Getting the Wheels Turning

Neither a Morning nor a Night Person

She Likes Her Hair Like That

My Friendly Girl


Calling Daddy

An Instant Connection

The Trouble With Tents

Taking a Tumble

The Words She Knows

I'm a Weather Watcher

While I Was Working ...

When My Girl Gets Hungry

Latest Curiosity

She Pulled a Ninja Trick: A Tale from an Old New Dad

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